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Truth will out

Greens co-leader Russel Norman was quoted in a Green party press release saying: "Year-on-year record bank profits should not be the norm."

Huh? Shouldn't we expect bank profits to reflect total activity in our economy? Ideally, we'd have an environmentally-friendly stable population with steadily-growing per-capita GDP. Year-on-year GDP should steadily increase, which means year-on-year bank profits should steadily increase. Exactly the opposite of what Dr. Norman says should happen.

Like all politicians, Dr. Norman says what his supporters expect him to say. I'm not even a little bit surprised. I've read more than one greenie book that claims wrecking the world economy is the only way to fix the environment. These books justify their arguments with fantasy and mumbo-jumbo wrapped up in meaningless, discredited, or fraudulent statistics. They ignore any real science that doesn't fit into their fantasies. That's just in my area of expertise (Fixing climate change, carbon-neutral crude oil and partial substitutes for crude oil.) They assume no new technology will ever be developed, and they ignore technology that has already been invented but is not yet economic.

There's obviously a market for this nonsense, because they sell plenty of books.

That is Dr. Norman's target market.


Kevin Cudby is a Wellington-based Freelance Writer and Parametric Modelling Consultant who loves writing about cool new technology. Email him to discuss your requirements: hello {a}

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