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Most Americans wouldn't have a clue where New Zealand is. Some of those that do know where we are, know practically nothing about what we do.

New York Times reporter Maria Alafouzou is getting the idea. Writing about our boatbuilding industry, she quoted Rob Humphries (who has had at least one high-tech boat built in Lower Hutt): "Being so far away from all places..., they’ve had to make amends generationally, and it’s almost part of their DNA to figure out things if they need to."

Rob probably doesn't realise we build other things, besides boats. Still, this is a good start. We need people in other parts of the world to think of New Zealand as: "The place where technology comes from." Superyacht buyers are among the world's most demanding customers. They are used to getting what they want, when they want it, and many of them are incorrigible gadget freaks.

We need a lot more stories like Maria Alafouzou's.

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