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Thermoplastic Engineering's heat exchanger is way outside the box


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Thermoplastic Engineering's heat exchanger is way outside the box

In the May/June issue of Engineering Insight I profile the development of a very smart new product from Porirua-based Thermoplastic Engineering. It is a fine example of number eight wire engineering. Thermoplastic Engineering build fume extraction systems for laboratories and industrial operations. They've hit on a brilliant way of helping their customers reduce heating costs. Their new heat exchanger captures heat from fumes pumped out of fume cupboards and safely transfers that recovered heat to fresh air drawn in to the building's heating system. It sounds simple. But it took Kiwi ingenuity to come up with an economic product. The key was to identify a readily-available low-cost material. That's the essence of the number eight wire metaphor. First, come up with a new way of using what's available. Then put the product through a thorough, professionally-run development process to make sure it satisfies all the customer requirements. Now Thermoplastic Engineering are launching their product. Good on them!

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