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The Truth about the Shiners


The shiners think they've eliminated every conceivable threat.


The Risk Management Commission banishes Alexander Romanov and Letitia Wilson from city society.

Letitia and Alexander build new lives in the wilderness outside the env-domes. They also try to piece together the story behind the env-domes, and the history of the villagers who live in the wilderness.
Villagers think city-folk are dangerous monsters, who they call "shiners". City-folk think the villagers are animals, which they call "hominids".
Letitia tries to bridge the cultural gap between city and village societies.
But Alexander exploits the intercultural gulf as he plans his revenge.
When Letitia uncovers his true plans, she faces a terrible choice...

Set in a future in which city-folk have forgotten why their ancestors enclosed the cities inside environmental domes, The Truth about the Shiners blends mystery, satire, and eroticism, with dramatic action and ground-breaking technology.

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If you come to the launch, you'll go in to the draw to win one of five free copies of The Truth about the Shiners!

Monday, 25 March, 6.00 p.m.
The Guest Room
Southern Cross
39 Abel Smith Street, Wellington

Nibbles provided. The bar will be open for drink sales.

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The Truth about the Shiners will be available soon, from: Apple iBookstore, Baker & Taylor Blio, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Nook, Page Foundry, and Sony.

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Updated 18 March 2013

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