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Racetech's tough day


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Racetech's tough day

Racetech's Hutt Road factory has been totally gutted after a fire broke out yesterday afternoon. Fortunately for the company, everyone was outside on a break and they're all safe. However, a firefighter was injured trying to bring the fire under control. He was taken to Hutt Hospital. According to TVOne he is now at Auckland's national burns unit with serious burns to his arms and back.

Racetech factory, 24 August 2013Firefighters managed to prevent the fire spreading, and apparently the situation was under control by late yesterday. However, some fire crews were there all night. Several fire appliances were still there this morning.

Racetech is one of the Hutt Valley's successful exporters. They build high-end racecar components from advanced composite materials. They don't make a lot of fuss in the newspaper, they simply get on with it, carving out a clearly-defined niche in a healthy market. Over the coming decades, the car market will create enormous opportunities for niche manufacturers like Racetech.

Racetech are determined to get back into business. Company owner David Black has said the building was insured. I've been through enough disasters to understand insurance doesn't cover everything.

This will be a good test. What can the Technology Valley community do to help Racetech get back in business?


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