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New Zealand needs to increase per-capita income growth. We’ve been slipping behind the rest of the world for too long. It’s clear from macro-economic research that technology drives per-capita income growth. Technology Valley aims to boost New Zealand’s technology sector. It is the best initiative I’ve seen in decades.

New Zealand needs more successful manufacturers. Manufacturing is the means by which technology is put into practice. People do not buy designs or ideas. They buy products, services, software applications: Things they can use and enjoy.

I meet a lot of successful New Zealand manufacturers. Some of them produce high-tech products for niche markets. Some make world-leading software applications. Some use advanced technology to maintain or improve their competitiveness. Often our most successful manufacturers do not do the things arm-chair commentators think they should do. Perhaps that is why these manufacturers succeed.

This blog will highlight real stories from real New Zealand technologists. We can all learn a great deal from more experienced manufacturers. I hope these stories will help young New Zealand engineers, designers, and technologists to build successful manufacturing businesses.

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